Esther Yu Shuxin Studio Slams Dating Rumours with Vanness Wu, His Team Finds It “Too Outrageous” to Warrant a Response

Esther Yu Shuxin and Vanness Wu Don't Even Know Each Other, Says Her Studio
Photo(s): Esther Yu Studio and Vanness Wu / Weibo

Yu Shuxin and ‘the object’ of the speculation Mr. Wu do not know each other, nor do they have any contact with each other.” This was the vehement response issued by Esther Yu Shuxin’s Studio against rumours that the 27-year-old actress and OG F4 Vanness Wu who is 17 years her senior are dating. The pair were subjected to dating speculations after a blogger recently claimed during a live broadcast that “the rumours about the two (dating) are real”.

Initially, the idol’s Studio issued a statement last June 5 to deny the claim which they called false statements maliciously fabricated against the actress. They also said they’ve put the matter of investigating into the hands of a law firm and reminded everyone false statements made online are not exempt from the law. It seems that might not have been enough to quash the chatter as they released a more “forceful” statement this time.

What They Said

On June 8, Yu Shuxin Studio issued another statement. They said that they were finally able to get in touch with Vanness’ team who said they had no interest in giving it any attention since the rumours were simply “too outrageous”. Moreover, the actress’ team also challenged the source of the blogger’s claims and goaded them to provide evidence backing it up. “We hope you can tell us the source of the news in a private message so that we can use legal means to protect ourselves, thank you very much”. Her studio slammed the ambiguous clues such as “matching items” the two have that are being used as “evidence.” Her studio also emphasised that when her fan club addressed the rumours, some questioned why the studio hasn’t. When the studio spoke up, some questioned why Esther doesn’t address the rumours directly.

Moreover, given the very public nature of her job, they said that “there will be many more speculation of a similar nature in the future and we cannot respond and disprove it each time.” That’s why they’re urging people to be more discerning and judicious so as not to fall for the the ridiculous theory that “the more outrageous a rumour is, the more legit it must be”.

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