Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu Open Up About the Reasons for F4’s Disbandment

former F4 members Jerry Yan and VanNess Wu

The second season of Welcome Back to Sound 朋友请听好 第二季 just served up a mighty blast from the past, welcoming former F4 members Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu on the show. The two reminisced about their memories with show hosts Xie Na and He Jiong where we learn some of the reasons for the group’s disbandment. In the end, everyone was not happy. Had there been enough trust and no jealousies, things would’ve been quite different, reveals Vanness.

Although they each greeted each other with a friendly smile and joked around, it’s not hard to see that things were a wee bit awks at the beginning between the two. So much so that host Xie Na curiously asked when they last saw each other. Turns out the former band mates last saw each other four and half years ago! Thankfully though, as the conversation continued to flow, the pair started to loosen up and revealed more.

F4 Vanness Wu

“Everyone Felt Negatively and Wasn’t Happy Towards the End”

I think this show has brought me closer to him” admits Jerry. Unlike today’s boy groups who spend years building a bond whilst training together for their eventual debut, the men of F4 didn’t have that kind of experience tying them together when they first became a major hit. They didn’t even know each other before the group was formed so they weren’t exactly “friends”. It was mainly a work relationship where you didn’t get to choose who to be friends with.  The only choice they had at that time was whether to keep the group together or disband.

Regarding this, Vanness said that they had no other choice but to break up the group. “I don’t really want to talk about this, but .. Jerry, don’t you think if we really felt safe at the time and trusted each other, I think things might’ve been different now. ” He also added that had the folks around them at the time knew how to address what each of them were feeling, F4’s situation would have worked out differently. Jerry added that things others say really get blown up.

Towards the end, Vanness said everyone was feeling negative emotions such as jealousy and that things were unbalanced.  When the group ultimately decided it would be a relief to go their separate ways, he felt breaking up was the inevitable outcome since they weren’t that happy doing what they were doing. Host He Jiong gave his two cents to say that it’s quite simple, “They weren’t ready then. The people running the show weren’t ready to manage a top boyband in Asia.” Vanness said, “Not mature enough, back then.”

Jerry Yan’s Answer Whenever He’s Asked When F4 Will Reunite

Jerry then said the future could be different just like how he reunited with Vanness and was able to experience something different. Vanness asked, “Jerry, what do you say when people ask when F4 will reunite?” Jerry responds, “I say, okay with me.” Vanness laughs, “Everyone will say it’s okay…. and to ask the other three.”

F4 Jerry Yan

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