“Call Me By Fire” Reveal Final 17 Winners

"Call Me By Fire" Reveal Final 17 Winners

Call Me By Fire 披荆斩棘的哥哥 may have had its share of hiccups what with 2 of its 33 contestants getting into scandals, but it hasn’t stopped the show from becoming a hit as viewers came to love the rest of the celebrity gege (big brother) on the show. The finale held on the eve of October 29 was a star-studded one with Ada Choi, Cherrie Ying, Anita Yuen and Qi Wei coming in support of their husbands. Karen Mok and Amber Liu also came on the show.

Jordan Chan Call Me By Fire Winner

The contestants had a final showdown of performances that culminated with a group song. It’s hardly a surprise to see fan favorite Jordan Chan coming in 1st place. Korean-American singer-actor Nathan Lee who impressed with his performances came in second. Julian Cheung and Jerry Yan were also in the top 5 while Max Zhang Jin who is in 7th place is the new leader of the group. The final winners debuting as a 17-member boy band 滚烫唱演家族 are listed below:

  1. Jordan Chan
  2. Nathan Li Cheng Xuan (Lee Seung Hyun)
  3. Zhang Qi
  4. Julian Cheung
  5. Jerry Yan
  6. Paul Wong
  7. Max Zhang Jin
  8. Terry Lin Zhixuan
  9. MC Hotdog
  10. MC Jin Au-Yeung
  11. Vincent Zhao
  12. Liu Jia
  13. GAI Zhou Yan
  14. Kido Gao Hanyu
  15. Michael Tse
  16. Bai Jugang
  17. Leon Zhang Yunlong

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