Vanness Wu keeps mum on divorce with Arissa Cheo

Vanness Wu keeps mum on divorce with Arissa Cheo
Vanness Wu divorce
Ever since Vanness Wu and Singaporean socialite and heiress Arissa Cheo got married in 2013,  divorce rumors have plagued the couple as early as 2014. Things have escalated even more in recent days. Arissa’s lawyer has finally spoken up to say that although Arissa believes in marriage, she has decided to agree to the divorce after Vanness has sent divorce papers to her twice.
Universal Music Group which manages Vanness released a statement saying, “Marriage is between two people, it is regrettable to hear untrue accounts from third parties who are not involved. Please give him space and time will prove everything.” Vanness Wu recently updated his instagram with a post about his sister. He continues to keep his silence on the matter. Noneheles, it seems the couple have agreed to split after five years of marriage. 
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