Aaron Yan Next to Fall from Grace as #MeToo Sweeps Taiwan, He Crashes His Accuser’s Press Conference to Apologise

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In a surprising turn of events, Taiwanese actor-singer Aaron Yan showed up unannounced at a press conference held today (June 21) where Tiktoker Yao Le intended to detail the harassment he allegedly suffered in Aaron’s hands.

Aaron Yan Crashes His Accuser’s Presscon

He said the first time he was subjected to sexual acts against his will was 2018 in Hengdian. The Tiktoker previously claimed that Aaron forced him to have sex whilst he was still a minor at age 16. What’s more, he also alleged the star secretly filmed the incident. Aaron addressed the allegations on social media where he also apologised and said “if you are willing, I am prepared to apologise to you in person. I am also willing to help get you through all the pain, and do whatever it takes to make up for it in future”.

Today, in what appeared to be like a scene from a movie (or a last ditch PR stunt as some claimed), Aaron Yan indeed personally showed up to apologise. He crashed the press conference and bowed deeply to Yao Le. “I’m here to sincerely apologise to you for having to bear with things you shouldn’t have had to..”. Meanwhile, a stunned Yao Le laid his head on the table and cried bitter tears. For him, the apology came a little too late and that it didn’t sound sincere. He says Aaron is only apologising now because everything’s already out in the open. When asked if he intends to sue Aaron Yan, Yao Le said that they’re still discussing with lawyers.

Later, when confronted by the press outside of the press conference, Aaron emphasised that “he did not do anything against his (Yao Le’s) wishes. This is the truth. We were in a relationship”. He denies that the leaked video of the two of them was filmed in secret. He said it was done with Yao Le’s knowledge and consent.

Facing the Music

Aside from the possible legal repercussions, Aaron Yan has not only lost endorsements and work but his award as a recipient of Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Taiwan in 2022 has also been revoked. He also had a new show in the works, but Taiwanese broadcast network PTV announced that their cooperation has been terminated. Aaron Yan has also just released a new single with Sodagreen guitarist Kay Liu. Their song has been removed from digital platforms 18 hours later. Their MV which was released days earlier has also been taken down.

Netflix’s “Wave Makers” Spark Taiwanese #MeToo

Aaron Yan is just one of the celebs called out recently for sexual harassment as the #MeToo movement currently sweeping across Taiwan grows stronger. Netflix show Wave Makers sparked the movement after it featured a female aide being harassed by her male colleague. Several celebrities have already been implicated. Earlier in the week, host Mickey Huang ended up in hospital for self-harming after a woman came forward with accusations.

Likewise, Chris Wang and Taiwanese comedian NONO also stand accused. In Chris’ case, multiple women have come forward to accuse the Youngsters on Fire actor of assault and for forcibly kissing and groping them. Since the issue blew up, the actor issued an apology via his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, when a former model alleged that a “famous comedian” with a successful chicken cutlet business forcibly kissed her and rubbed her breast whilst also trying to pull down her undies ten years ago, many pointed fingers at Nono (Chen Hsuan-yu). He seemed to fit the bill since he used to be the face and founder of chicken cutlet brand Monga. Nono has since issued a denial via his manager. However, he has also announced that he will be temporarily suspending work activities and “reflecting deeply.”

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