Sodagreen is “Back” Following Trademark Dispute But Wu Ching-feng Urges Fans Not to Listen to Their Older Songs Online

Sodagreen is “Back” Following Trademark Dispute But Wu Ching-feng Urges Fans Not to Listen to Their Older Songs Online
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Taiwanese indie band Sodagreen (蘇打綠) is back officially. And by back, it means they can finally revert back to using the band’s original name after a trademark dispute with their previous label forced them to rebrand to Oaeen. After years, the name “Sodagreen” was finally obtained last October by Soda Green Co., Ltd. Lead vocalist Wu Ching-feng announced this development during a concert last month, greeting fans with “hello friends from all over the universe, we are Sodagreen!”

No Rights

Despite winning back the use of their original name however, rights to their older songs still belong to their former label. Wu Ching-feng popped up a post on Instagram saying even though they can finally say “hi everyone, we are Sodagreen” once again, all their old songs and master tapes under Sodagreen which are still being played are still held by “people with ulterior motives”. He asked fans not to listen to their older songs on all online platforms and only do so if they have a CD instead. “Every time you listen to it (on streaming platforms), you are helping these evil people and you are giving bullets to those who want to mess with us” he wrote.

He added that asking people not to listen to Sodagreen songs makes him sad and encouraged everyone to listen instead to Oaeen on music streaming platforms as they’ve re-recorded their first album under their self-titled “Oaeen” album. For the band’s OG fans, Wu Ching-feng said they’re trying their best to reissue their remaining few albums and asked everyone to patiently wait a little bit longer.

Life isn’t simple, it’s Effing Hard

Meanwhile, he also blasted people he said were still helping those with ulterior motives. He said, “I often think about how I used to admire you all as a child. I believed  you were full of passion and ambition when talking about music. In the end I just watched each one of you slowly turn into the kind of people you said you hated the most. Life is not simple, sometimes (it) is fucking hard.

The indie band Sodagreen was formed in 2001 and has had the same members since 2003. It is made up of Wu Ching-feng, Kay Liu Jia-kai, Ho Ching-yang, Claire Hsieh, Shih Chun-wei and Kung Yu-chi. In 2020, because of trademark disputes with their former producer Lin Wei-che, they changed their name to Oaeen or 魚丁糸.

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