“Beauty of Resilience” Ju Jingyi and Guo Junchen’s New Xianxia Series Kicks Off on June 1st

Beauty of Resilience

New series alert! Going against fate is never a smart idea. But sometimes matters of the heart don’t necessarily answer to reason. This is the story of Wei Zhi and Yan Yue who attempt to defy what the legends had long foretold to be the downfall of the three worlds. iQiyi’s upcoming web drama Beauty of Resilience 花戎 which stars Ju Jingyi and Fiction Guo Junchen already hits the small screens tomorrow June 1 exclusively on the iQIYI platform.

Last seen in a handful of youth and campus dramas such as Never Grow Old and Growing Pain, the 25-year-old actor ventures into the xianxia genre once more. Meanwhile, actress Ju Jingyi who despite starring in several costume historicals and wuxia in the past, has never helmed a xianxia drama before. Beauty of Resilience marks her first.

Beauty of Resilience Synopsis

Despite what the show’s candy coloured posters might suggest, life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows for Ju Jingyi’s Wei Zhi. Since she was a child, she’d oft been regarded by her clan as a bearer of bad luck. The poor girl was bullied, made fun of and even hit with a broom. Imagine then what they’d do to her if she turns out to be the feared reincarnation of the Phoenix whose existence has been foretold to destroy the Three Realms. Thank goodness for her powers.

Wei Zhi is sent to the academy to further study cultivation when the Phoenix appeared to their clan in the Immortal Mirror. There she meets Yan Yue (Guo Junchen) a teacher in the academy who’s secretly in the mortal realm to find the successor of the Phoenix bloodline. As Monarch of the Heavens, he must eliminate the threat of the Phoenix successor in order to successfully ascend his immortal throne.

The upcoming xianxia series is adapted from author Lin Jiacheng’s popular web novel Wu Chang Sheng 误长生. It also stars Liu Dongqin, Liu Ting Yu, Ma Yue, Zhang Zhihao, Song Xinran, Nie Zihao, Huang Haibing, Jin Qiaoqiao and veteran actor Kou Zhenhai.

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