The Life of the White Fox (2019)

the life of the white fox
Remember when the gumiho in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho shook up the world of an aspiring action star? The k-drama classic starring Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah is still one of my favorites to this day. Now imagine a similar fantasy-themed drama but with the roles reversed! 

Growing Pain actor Guo Junchen plays the pretty handsome white fox opposite actress Lu ZhaohuaAs the title indicates, The Life of the White Fox 白狐的人生 revolves around a fox from the Tang Dynasty who finds himself in modern-day China chasing down the heroine who is in possession of his precious spirit bead. 
the life of the white fox guo junchen
In order to not be killed by the fox who is determined to retrieve the bead at all costs, she makes a pact with him to collect the spirits of 100 demons which will allow the bead to choose a new owner. Will the plan succeed or will the ancient fox find another reason for him to stay in this unfamiliar world?
The trailer is chock full of funny shenanigans revolving around the fox adjusting to 21st century technology whilst having the perks of his superpowers. May I mention that he also looks smexy in his millennia-old silky hair? I prefer it over the cereal bowl cut (okay, semi-cereal bowl with bangs on the side) that he changes into in order to assimilate to society. I notice he kept his all-white wardrobe.
the life of the white fox lu zhaohua
Rookie actress Lu Zhaohua may just be starting out, but she’s amazing as the tough and fearless heroine in her recent drama All I Want For Love is You. With a hero on her side that has literal superpowers, I hope she won’t be a damsel in distress in this one. 
The show will start airing tonight, November 4th, on Tencent, so I guess fans will be treated to two dramas from the actress before the year ends. Personally, I’m very excited for this because it looks really interesting; with some fantasy and a bit of horror? All that topped with rom-com is just my cup of tea.
the life of the white fox chinese web series
the life of the white fox chinese online series
the life of the white fox chinese online series
the life of the white fox
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