Ju Jingyi Taking Photos in a Thai School Uniform: Breaking the Law or Good for Tourism?

Ju Jinyi
Ju Jingyi
Photo: Ju Jingyi / Weibo

After getting itself a Chinese spin-off, Thai campus themed movie First Love สิ่งเล็กเล็กที่เรียกว่า…รัก continues to receive a lot of love from its Chinese fans. The movie also appears to have inspired a trend that saw dressing up in Thai school girl uniforms become a “must do” for Chinese tourists visiting the country. On a trip to Thailand last month, Rebirth for You actress Ju Jingyi shared photos of her striking a few poses whilst wearing one. But, is this trend breaking the law?

Ju Jingyi

Local Thai lawyers pointed out that dressing up in a Thai school girl uniform might be violating the Student Uniform Act the country has. And non-students wearing uniforms bearing a different school’s name may have to pay up to THB 1000 (approximately 29 US$) in fines. Others reasoned that if there’s no school name printed on the uniforms, then it shouldn’t be a crime.

Officials on the other hand appear to be unbothered and saw the trend in a more positive light, saying the trend could help promote tourism.  Secretary of Education Atthapol Sangkhawasi added that the intent of the law is to prevent criminals or wrongdoers from using the uniforms to cover up criminal acts. With this being a fashion trend, tourists wearing school uniforms and taking cute photos are not causing any damage nor did it have any intentions to disrespect educational institutions.

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