Jessica Hsuan and Her ‘A Step Into the Past’ co-stars Michelle Saram’s Surprise Meet Up

Jessica Hsuan and Her 'A Step Into the Past' co-stars Michelle Saram’s Surprise Meet Up
Left: Michelle supporting Jessica’s show back in 2019 (Michelle_Saram/ Instagram) and Right: a recent photo shared by Netizens of Jessica Hsuan and Michelle Saram in Singapore.

It’s not just the cast of I Hear Your Voice who just had a reunion recently. Over in Singapore, A Step Into the Past co-stars Jessica Hsuan and Michelle Saram surprised fans when a photo from their recent meet-up surfaced online. Jessica Hsuan who plays Wu Ting-fong in the series and who eventually becomes close friends with Princess Chiu Sin was in town to begin filming her new crime suspense drama Kill Sera Sera (誰殺了她). As soon as she arrived, she shared a photo of the pandan chiffon cake gifted to her by her “sweet friend” Michelle Saram who’s Singaporean. It’s only a matter of time when the two will meet up and sure enough, Netizens posted a photo of the two actresses on the platform Xiaohongshu.

Meanwhile, Michelle who played Princess Chiu Sin in the Louis Koo helmed series still looks fantastic at 48-years-old. Since becoming part of the Zecha family after marrying Chinese Indonesian socialite Ajai Lauw-Zecha and stepping out of the limelight more than a decade ago, we’ve only seen Michelle during her rare jaunts into showbiz. OG fans of the 2002 sequel to the original Meteor Garden II will recognise Michelle who played Yesha, Dao Mingsi’s “new” love after his elaborate plans to propose to Shan Cai in Barcelona flops spectacularly when he gets into a car accident that wipes his memory.

Jessica Hsuan and Michelle Saram are both reprising their roles in Louis Koo’s upcoming film Back to the Past.

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