Lee Jong-Suk Shares ‘I Hear Your Voice’ Reunion Photo of the Cast for Their 10th Anniversary

I Hear Your Voice
I Hear Your Voice
Source: Lee Jong-Suk / Instagram

Happy 10th anniversary to the K-drama I Hear Your Voice!  How has it been a decade since we last saw Lee Jong-Suk and his magical mind-reading (hearing?) abilities and Lee Bo-young as the jaded and sassy lawyer Jang Hye-sung? To celebrate the milestone, the drama’s cast met up for a mini reunion of sorts and even had a cake with the number 10 just for the occasion!

Taking to Instagram to share photos from their get-together, the actor and his co-stars Lee Bo Young and Kim Kwang-Gyu who played a judge on the show all smiled big for the camera. Unfortunately, Yoon Sang-Hyun the bumbling cop turned lawyer who rounded out their mini crime fighting team didn’t appear to be able to make it. Not to worry though because Lee Jong Suk cheekily made sure he “attended” by photoshopping him into their group photo. “So much time has already passed! I Hear Your Voice’s 10th anniversary! Thank you always” he captioned. I Hear Your Voice director Cho Soo Won also joined in on the fun and posed for the camera with his actors.

The series I Hear Your Voice aired back in 2013 and caused quite a sensation across Asia. The series was so popular that despite originally being slated for just 16 episodes, it was extended by two more due to its success in the ratings charts.

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