Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia Receives an Honourary Doctorate from University of Hong Kong

Brigitte Lin
Photo: Lin Ching-hsia / Weibo

You may now refer to Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia as “Doctor Lin” because the veteran Taiwanese actress was just conferred an honorary doctorate in social sciences by the University of Hong Kong. The 68-year-old was amongst the chosen seven who were given the honour for her vital contributions to Hong Kong cinema.

Popping over on social media to express her feelings about the great honour bestowed upon her, she wrote: “I would like to thank the University of Hong Kong for awarding me an honorary doctorate in social sciences. I never imagined I would be awarded an honorary doctorate together with six outstanding people who have made great contributions to the world. In her youth, my mother was not able to complete her studies due to the war and for various reasons. This was the biggest regret of her life so she holds great respect for the distinction of Doctor. Now her own daughter holds that distinction. I believe she must be very thrilled up in heaven.

The University of Hong Kong is a world-renowned institution of higher learning, so to have received such a recognition is a great honour for me. I must devote myself to becoming the best version of me and to do more things which are meaningful to society. Only in this way can I live up to the expectations from the University.

An Icon of Chinese Cinema

Amongst her accomplishments the University touched upon for her commendation, they highlighted Lin Ching-hsia’s debut performance in Chiung Yao’s Outside the Window in 1973 which catapulted her to stardom. Her early works where she collaborated heavily with the renowned novelist and producer known for works such as My Fair Princess are almost synonymous to the growth of Taiwan’s romantic films during the period. Lin Ching-hsia then focused on growing her career in Hong Kong. She became a cinema legend having starred in numerous films. She’s also probably best known for as Dongfang Bubai due to her role in Swordsman II. She won awards for Best Actress notably from the prestigious Golden Horse Awards and the Asia-Pacific Film Festival. In 1994, Lin Ching-hsia retired from the industry with her last (and 100th!) project being Wong Kar Wai’s Ashes of Time 東邪西毒.

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