Bai Lu Issues An Apology Over Past Remarks That Have Been Dug Up Recently

Bai Lu Issues An Apology Over Past Remarks That Have Been Dug Up Recently

Bai Lu who appears in the currently-airing Till the End of the Moon and recently-premiered Keep Running 11 has just become the top trending topic on Weibo hot search following an apology she issued over past remarks that are being brought up again recently.

“I will strictly restrain my words and deeds”

At 9:30 pm April 23, she wrote, “In the past few days, a lot of discussion has been triggered because of past remarks. I have indeed failed to express my views and ideas in an appropriate manner, and I am deeply sorry for the discomfort it has caused everyone. Everyone’s criticism this time is a very important reminder to me. In the future, I will strictly restrain my words and deeds and avoid using inappropriate and disrespectful words. Finally, I once again apologize for my inappropriate remarks! And thanks to everyone who supported and supervised me!”

Past Remarks Have Been Dug Up

Although she didn’t go into specifics, the 28-year-old actress is accused of being disrespectful to women due to past remarks that have been dug up. In an old interview where she was asked what everyone would like about her couple pairing in 2019’s The Legends, she responds, “the story of a domineering female executive and a little milk dog that later on turns into the male domineering executive and the little female dog (bitch).” Bai Lu is being slammed for using a derogatory term to describe her own character. Netizens are also pointing out how the actress would often refer to herself as a man on several occasions and would say that she doesn’t like “sissy” things.

With so many watchful eyes in C-ent, it appears stars indeed have to be very careful. Actor-host Li Chen very recently apologized following backlash over words he said on a reality show. Earlier this year, Yukee Chen Yuqi drew flak for talking about her pink costume and finding it “too sissy”. She later apologized saying she will be more cautious in her words and deeds.

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