Cosmic Girls’ Chinese Members Leave the Group as Their Contracts Have Expired

Cosmic Girls
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South Korean management agency Starship Entertainment recently announced the fate of the K-pop girl group Cosmic Girls. Whilst it comes as no surprise that the agency’s contract with the band’s Chinese members Wu Xuanyi, Cheng Xiao and Meng Meiqi have ended, the news that Luda and Dawon are also out was unexpected. The agency confirmed that both ladies decided not to renew their exclusive contract with Starship after renegotiations fell through,. Meanwhile, eight members of Cosmic Girls have renewed their contracts although things just won’t quite be the same. Of the original 13 who debuted back in 2016, only Seola, Bona, EXY, Soobin, Eunseo, Yeoreum, Dayoung and Yeonjung have opted to stay.

Getting Active in C-Ent

In recent years, Xuanyi, Cheng Xiao and Meng Meiqi have been pretty active in C-ent seeing as they were the first to move away from the band’s 13 member system back in 2018 to focus on growing a career back in China.  Wu Xuanyi made her acting debut opposite Xiao Zhan in 2021’s Douluo Continent and was also part of the band Rocket Girls formed through the survival show Produce 101 China.

Cheng Xiao joined a slew of variety shows such as Idol Producer where she appeared as a dance mentor. She then dipped her feet into acting for projects such as Detective Chinatown and Legend of Awakening.

Lastly, Meng Meiqi who hit headlines a few years ago because of her involvement as the alleged third party in music producer Chen Lingtao’s relationship with his ex, has appeared in a long list of variety shows in China including Produce 101. Although she has ventured into acting like her former bandmates – appearing in movies such as Autumn Fairy Tale and Jade Dynasty, she has yet to find herself in the small screens.

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