Meng Meiqi Accused of Being “The Other Woman”

Meng Meiqi
Meng Meiqi

The week has barely begun but we’re already knee deep in another controversy when an alleged ex-girlfriend of music producer Chen Lingtao revealed the reason they broke up was because of him cheating on her with singer Meng Meiqi. Releasing a string of racy chat messages allegedly between her ex and Meng Meiqi, the woman wrote “there’s no happy fourth anniversary for us.”

Posting under the handle “They Call Me Da Hua Niu” on Weibo, the woman wrote a lengthy post detailing how she caught on to his cheating after she found his chat logs with the singer. Hoping to prove her suspicions wrong, she also followed her boyfriend to a hotel where she claims he met Meng Meiqi. The couple took a break from each other after the woman confronted him about his affair. Despite this, she said she was still hopeful that they’d get back together so she kept telling herself “everyone makes mistakes and he still loves me”. She soon had a change of heart after learning that instead of coming back to her to celebrate his birthday, he took Meng Meiqi instead. What’s more, she claims he travelled to Tibet with her to celebrate her birthday.

Alleged chat records between Chen Lingtao and Meng Meiqi
The woman shares screenshots of alleged flirty text messages exchanged between Chen Lingtao and Meng Meiqi

Later, the woman said Chen Lingtao called to tell her that he and Meng Meiqi had already broken up and that he’d hope she’d give him another chance. However, she said she wasn’t having it anymore. She also revealed that Chen Lingtao compensated her RMB 40,000 out of guilt for the years she’d spent by his side taking care of him and helping him grow his career.

Chen Lingtao statement

“I’m not trying to avoid this. I made a mistake”

Meanwhile, although there were no names mentioned on his post, Chen Lingtao later admitted to the affair saying “I’m not trying to avoid this. I made a mistake, now I must take responsibility”. His post read like a suicide note as he said, “Let things end here, I will end everything” before saying that he’d like to leave his inheritance to his family. The music producer added that the issue is between two people and hopes that this issue won’t hurt anyone not involved. Aside from this, he also apologised to his parents, siblings, his team and to everyone else.

Yuehua Entertainment Issues a Statement

As for Meng Meiqi, her agency Yue Hua Entertainment released a statement to indicate that accusations online of Meng Meiqi being a third party are false fabrications that have infringed on her rights. Her agency reserves the right to take legal action. They also explained two things. First, that Meng Meiqi never actively sought to involve herself in another’s relationship. Next, they also stressed that the so-called chat history shared online merely paints a one-sided picture. Most importantly, they affirmed that their artiste is currently single.

Meng Meiqi Later Breaks Her Silence

The same day, Meng Meiqi herself went on record to admit that she had a brief relationship with Chen Lingtao but that the two of them have already broken up. In an exclusive interview with Sina Entertainment, the singer said that before deciding to go into a relationship with the music producer, she firmly asked him (Chen Lingtao) whether he and his girlfriend had already agreed to end their relationship. It was only after he gave her an affirmative answer that she decided to date him on the premise that he was single. She confirmed during the interview that the alleged Tibet trip she took with Chen Lingtao happened.

Moreover, when staff alerted her to the chat records shared by Chen Lingtao’s ex accusing her of being the third party in their relationship, she said her first reaction to the news was that she was really stunned. Then the next thing that came to her mind was to call him to demand why he deceived her.

At the end of the interview, Meng Meiqi reiterated that she is currently single. Most importantly, Meng Meiqi also extended her apologies to Chen Lingtao’s ex girlfriend “I also want to apologise to her, because this incident also affected her life.” Following her interview, Meng Meiqi took to Weibo to say, “Have never thought of intruding in the relationship of others, but the harm has been done. To the people who have been hurt because of this, I apologise. I also apologise to my fans who have always supported and trusted me. I have let you down. Finally, I apologise to everyone concerned about this matter. I will reflect on this deeply!

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