Wang Anyu Surprises Many With Weight Loss Transformation

Wang Anyu Surprises Many With Weight Loss Transformation

Another body transformation which totally caught a lot of attention is Wang Anyu’s who seems to have dropped a bit of weight in the past few months.  If you follow him on social media where he shares a lot of snippets from his day, you’ll surely have noticed his visibly slimmer face and more defined v-line. Wang Anyu revealed that he actually lost close to 10 kilograms hence his “new” look.

Wang Anyu
Wang Anyu shares his weightloss journey on Weibo

Allegedly, the actor slimmed down for his upcoming xianxia series The Last Immortal 神隱 (previously Hidden God) which he stars in opposite the queen of sweet romances, Zhao Lusi. However, it appears he’s just had enough of dieting already since he revealed his birthday wish for this year is to not be on a weight loss program anymore! Celebrating his 25th birthday on February 3, the actor cheekily wrote “yesterday’s birthday wish is for me not to be on a diet anymore”. Oh boy, I hope he at least managed to have some birthday cake though. It’d be a shame not to enjoy a bit of a cheat on his birthday, you know?

Previously, it was Angelababy’s ex Huang Xiaoming who caught everyone’s attention with his incredible body transformation. 43-years-old at the time, the actor lost a whopping 13kg through diet (he said he was essentially starving most of the time) and exercise for his movie A Cover Up and has the muscles and impressive abs to show for it.

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