Huang Xiaoming Makes Unbelievable Body Transformation

Huang Xiaoming FI
Huang Xiaoming
Huang Xiaoming looking like he’d fit right in with a band

Dropping (or gaining) a huge ton of weight when the role calls for it isn’t something new for actors. If you’ve been following Huang Xiaoming on social media, you would’ve seen him with his much slimmer face and more defined jawline in his posts. That’s because for his movie A Cover Up 戴假发的人which just wrapped filming last month, the actor dropped a hefty 13kg for his role. But I wouldn’t really recommend his weight loss method since the actor admitted that he was basically hungry most of the time whilst exercising occasionally.

While a dramatic weight loss usually leaves people looking old and a wee bit haggard, the 43-year-old Huang Xiaoming sure got the lucky end of the stick since he looks at least ten years younger especially with that new hairstyle he’s presently sporting. And now that he’s also been working out quite a lot for another new film, his transformation truly is extraordinary. I mean, who knew that he’s now also rocking a very impressive set of abs (and some equally well developed guns) under all that clothing?

Well developed
That’s Huang Xiaoming on the Left

Thanks to his fitness trainer who shared photos of a shirtless Huang Xiaoming on social media recently, the entire world now knows how hard he’s been working out at the gym to keep in shape.

Huang Xiaoming Shows Off His Abs

Huang Xiaoming is currently hard at work on The Last Truth 最后的真相, a film he is both producing and also starring in together with Adi Kan Qingzi, Yan Ni and Tu Men. The project held its kick off activities just last weekend on February 6 and is projected for a 2021 release.

Poster for Last Truth
The Last Truth’s newest poster

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