Tony Leung Adorably Spills the Tea on How to Deal With Social Anxiety

Tony Leung Adorably Spills the Tea on How to Deal With Social Anxiety
Screenshot: Tony Leung / Douyin

Many were pleasantly surprised when 60-year-old Tony Leung suddenly created his sparkling new account on Douyin (China’s tiktok). Despite being quite private, he already has three posts since he’s been diligently updating everyday. Tony’s account has racked up a following of more than 2 million since January 30.

In what appears to be super on brand for the actor, Tony Leung shared a very honest self-introduction. He said, “You think my eyes can talk. Maybe it’s because I’m not good at expressing myself with words. Meeting someone for the first time, I’d be nervous. When there are too many people, I’d feel overwhelmed. There’s a lot I want to share with others but don’t know how to say it.” Tony keeps it short and sweet as he spills the tea on how he copes with social anxiety especially when facing crowds.

tony leung waves

In contract to his super sociable wife Carina Lau, the superstar has been spotted on different occasions looking anxious on red carpets and events. His photos have even gone viral. Well, Tony now breaks down for us the three steps he says helps him deal. He says the first step is to smile. Secondly, he says to wave. Then lastly (and the most adorable of all) is to flash everyone a finger heart. He also made sure to pop in footage of him “demonstrating” each method as he worked the red carpet from past events.

Aside from Tony, many veteran stars have joined social media in recent years like Andy Lau who joined Douyin in 2021 and Stephen Chow who’s now very active on Instagram. Catch Tony Leung in his new movie Hidden Blade together with Wang Yibo which is currently out in theaters.

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