Shen Yue and Zhou Jieqiong on Dating and Being Single

Shen Yue and Jieqiong Spills the Tea on Dating and Being Single
Photos: Shen Yue and Zhou Jieqiong / Weibo

People are always curious about the love lives of celebrities. And when the celebs in question are not only popular, good looking and appear to be on top of their game, people are bound to sit up and take notice. Whilst chatting on the set of the acting survival show Memories Beyond Horizon, both Shen Yue and Zhou Jieqiong who are in their mid-twenties were asked whether they have boyfriends.

I don’t have one right now” said Jieqiong. Meanwhile, Shen Yue said “I really don’t have one”. Jieqiong also shared that she’d been dumped before. She said that when it comes to dating, “it’s hard to meet someone very genuine and truly sincere“. Shen Yue added that even if the person is quite sincere, it’s hard to carve out time for each other. She said, “It’s the kind where everyone would just meet and part ways.” She explained that friendships appear to last longer than romantic relationships.

Dating Speculation

Shen Yue’s comments has led to speculation that she and her rumoured boyfriend – A Love So Beautiful co-star Sun Ning might have called it quits. They were perviously spotted by paparazzi spending time together in multiple occasions. But perhaps they ultimately broke up seeing that the actress recently said that she’s single….“I really don’t have a boyfriend” or they’re really just friends.

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