Shen Yue and Sun Ning Spark Dating Rumours After Being Spotted Holding Hands

Shen Yue
Shen Yue

In a slight plot twist, A Love So Beautiful star Shen Yue and the series’ second lead Sun Ning just landed themselves in the middle of dating speculations after getting spotted holding hands whilst on a fun day out. It’s widely known that the two are BFFs in the past, but could their friendship have developed into something more?

Shen Yue and Sun Ning Spark Dating Rumours After Being Spotted Holding Hands
Photo of longtime friends Shen Yue and Sun Ning from 3 years ago

Shen Yue and Sun Ning were photographed going to an indoor skateboarding venue together on a yellow scooter. Before zooming off, Sun Ning was seen helping Shen Yue put on a beanie after removing her baseball cap. There didn’t appear to be any sweet exchanges between the pair whilst at the skating venue. However once they were done, the two were photographed holding hands as they walked from the building towards their scooter.

Shen Yue and Sun Ning spotted holding hands

What do you guys think? Is this purely between friends? If the speculation proves to be true that’s quite a plot twist in real life if she ended up with the show’s second lead. Nonetheless, whether they’re just BFFs or BF and GF, it’s still quite sweet.

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