“My Lucky Star” Couple Yoo Hana and Jimmy Lin Reunited After 16 Years!

My Lucky Star
My Lucky Star costars Jimmy Lin and Yoo Ha Na with their producer Chen Yushan
Source: @hahana111 / Instagram

Would you look at that! The My Lucky Star 放羊的星星 reunion everyone’s been waiting for finally happened! Last week, South Korean actress Yoo Ha Na shared a couple of selfies with her son en route to Taiwan, the place where she says she has good memories of people she missed, places she couldn’t forget about and her favourite foods.

When someone asked her if she’s meeting up with her former My Lucky Star co-star Jimmy Lin, she answered “probably impossible”. But surprise surprise, the drama gods are perhaps smiling on us as a new photo of Ha Na with Jimmy Lin and their producer Chen Yushan just popped up on her grid! She wrote, “After 16 years, finally saw Tian Qi and the great Yushan jie who produced “My Lucky Star” (he’s) still so handsome.” She included the hashtag, “Best work of my life.” The 2007 Taiwanese drama was actually the Korean actress’s very first drama. She subsequently starred in a handful of dramas back in Korea and eventually faded from showbiz.

Speaking of, many Netizens have commented how much different Yoo Ha Na looks from what they remembered of her character A Xing years ago. Plastic surgery has been raised as one of the potential reasons. But then again, the 36-year-old actress was just 20-years-old when they filmed the series. These days, the former actress is happily married to a professional baseball player and a mother of two.

Meanwhile, can I also just say how great it is to see Jimmy looking good and back on his feet after his driving accident last year which had many concerned about him. I’m sure Yoo Ha Na is glad to see her old friend on the mend and doing well.

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