Jimmy Lin In “Stable” Condition After Car Crash

Jimmy Lin In "Stable" Condition After Car Crash
Jimmy Lin is also a race car driver and car enthusiast.

Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin and his son Jenson were involved in a car accident today after the Tesla they were both in crashed into a lane separator signpost and burst into flames. Luckily, bystanders quickly scrambled to get them to safety before the car caught fire. Father and son were taken to Linkou Chang Gung Hospital for emergency treatment. In a press conference held late this afternoon, Jimmy’s younger brother Lin Zhixin confirmed the surgery went well and that Jimmy is in a stable condition. However, he also said the next 72 hours is critical. Meanwhile, Jimmy’s son suffered minor injuries to his face but appears to still be in shock.

According to reports, the accident happened just after Jimmy slowly made a U –turn along Zhongzheng North Road. After driving straight ahead for a few meters, his car suddenly swerved to the right and slammed against the signpost. Workers in the construction beside the collision immediately ran to the rescue. Due to the impact, Jimmy reportedly suffered injuries to his face and hand with his face covered in blood.

Goodness, it’s really lucky good Samaritans were able to extract them both from the car before it exploded as footage on social media of the wrecked Tesla with the front part in flames drives home the fact that it could’ve ended differently had bystanders not reacted quickly. Meanwhile, Taiwanese police said that footage taken by traffic cameras show the actor was not speeding. A blood alcohol test conducted also confirmed Jimmy’s manager assertion that he was not driving under the influence .

Full Statement from Jimmy’s Studio released around 18:00 local time:

Statement from Jimmy Lin Studio

“Today on the 22nd  At around 10:00 this morning, Mr. Lin Zhiying, the driver and his son Jenson, the passenger, collided with the island separator and caught fire for unknown reasons. They were rescued by kind-hearted passers-by and sent to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou.

Currently, Lin Zhiying and his son are undergoing emergency medical treatment at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. Mr. Lin Zhiying suffered multiple injuries and fractures. The Chang Gung medical team is currently conducting an evaluation of his case. His condition cannot be explained in detail for the time being, but he is relatively stable at present. I am very grateful to the public and fans for their concern, and the assistance of the Chang Gung medical team.

Finally, I would like to sincerely thank the kind people who rescued Mr. Lin Zhiying and his son from the car. On behalf of Lin Zhiying’s family and company, thank you.

Jimmy’s studio

July 22, 2022″

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