Hu Ge and New Wife Were Once Photographed Together in an Elle China Shoot from 2019?

Hu Ge
Source: 胡歌/ Weibo

Bright Future actor Hu Ge probably broke a lot of hearts last week after his unexpected revelation that not only is he married, he’s also a new dad to their new baby girl! With so little known about Hu Ge’s non-showbiz wife, leave it to Netizens to dig up more details about the woman who snagged one of the industry’s eligible bachelors. Photos from last year have now resurfaced and supposedly, paparazzi had unknowingly photographed Hu Ge with his wife Huang Xining whilst they were visiting his chum actor Yuan Hong together. But would you believe that the pair appeared together for an old Elle shoot he did in 2019?

Hu Ge’s wife Huang Xining stands on the left of the photo

Since Hu Ge’s wife hasn’t yet made her official public appearance after giving birth to their daughter, enterprising Netizens dug up an old post from Elle China showing Huang Xining and Hu Ge in the same frame together. Moreover, when the actor shared his happy news on social media, former Elle China editor-in-chief Xiao Xue also sent in her best wishes to the happy couple. “Congratulations to my handsome little brother who is now also a handsome dad.  Little brother’s wife is a good woman.”

Meanwhile, amateur “investigators” turned up more deets, claiming that Huang Xining is 11 years younger than her husband and actually joined his team back in 2016 first as a makeup artist, then to his assistant and now to his manager.

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