Hu Ge Surprises with Marriage to Non-Celebrity Wife, He Has Also Just Become a New Father

Hu Ge Surprises with Marriage to Non-Celebrity Wife, He Has Also Just Become a New Father
Photo: Hu Ge / Weibo

Hu Ge has just dropped the biggest bomb on social media to reveal that he’s already married and that his wife has recently given birth to their daughter. The news immediately trended at number one on Weibo’s hot search.

On January 31, the 40-year-old actor wrote, “I’ve become a father, mother and daughter are safe, announcing the good news to everyone. Having been in the business for 20 years, thank you everyone for accompanying me and growing together, now I’m going to move on to the next stage of my life with you. I hope you can give me more support and understanding. The past year has been difficult. My wife is not a public figure. In order to allow a smooth-sailing child delivery, the good news was kept secret. I hope everyone will forgive me. Sending a surprise for the New Year. I wish you all a safe and healthy Year of the Rabbit and all the best.​​​​”

For years, everyone’s been urging Hu Ge to find a girlfriend so much that he joked about not being in any rush since Eddie Peng is still single. Hu Ge has been subjected to rumors of dating to being secretly married. He’s shut down everything in the past until today’s surprise announcement that came from the actor himself. It’s only been a day after Song Joong Ki’s fatherhood announcement, and now it’s C-Ent’s turn. Incidentally, Eddie Peng is also trending due to the hashtag, “pressure’s now on him.”

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