Hu Ge in no rush to marry, points to Eddie Peng being single too

It’s no secret that the extremely attractive batch of Chinese Paladin alumni that were once eligible bachelors and bachelorettes are mostly married or taken, which leaves all eyes on Hu Ge

Yang Mi married Hawick Lau, Cecilia Liu Shi Shi married Scarlet Heart co-star Nicky Wu and Tang Yan recently got together with Princess Weiyoung co-star Luo JinCrystal Liu is or was dating Korean actor Song Seung Heon, Wallace Huo married Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong married Zhang Xinyi. Update April 2017: Even Ady An got hitched recently to a billionaire no less. 

Apparently, Hu Ge’s mom is anxious, his fans are anxious and the media cannot help but ask the 34-year-old actor when he plans to settle down. Hu Ge’s brilliant response, “I’m in no rush, that Eddie Peng is not married yet.”

There doesn’t seem to be a similar urgency around getting Eddie Peng married but Hu Ge is spot on, he’s not the only one that’s still single, leave him alone.

Source: 18Touch

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