Dilraba Dilmurat Emblazoned Across Dior’s Social Media Platforms as Its New Brand Ambassador After Fan Criticisms About “Sloppy” Announcement

Dilireba Dilmurat for Dior
Photos: Dior / Twitter

French luxury brand Dior has a new brand ambassador in China and it’s none other than Dilraba Dilmurat. The 30-year-old The Blue Whisper actress steps into shoes previously worn by Angelababy, whose 5 year contract as Dior’s Chinese brand ambassador has expired. However, some fans felt that the announcement for Reba’s appointment last January 18 was poorly done. Two weeks later, Dior has made sure to update all of its English social media channels – from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube and even its Pinterest accounts to introduce their newest brand ambassador.

Dilireba in Christian Dior's six social media platforms
Dilraba Dilmurat on Dior’s six social media platforms

Criticisms Over the Previous Announcement

Following Dilraba Dilmurat’s appointment as the newest face of Dior China, fans couldn’t help but notice how different Reba’s “low key” ambassadorship announcement was to Angelababy’s. Whereas the luxury brand put together a short video clip and an official Weibo post announcing Baby’s ambassadorship in 2017, Reba’s they said, was done “sloppily” and that the brand was “too hasty”.

When it was first announced in January 18 – fans pointed out the only inkling that Reba was the brand’s new face was in the hashtag #brandambassador used, fans feel it looked like an ad for Dior jewellery and didn’t appear like an ambassadorship announcement at all.

Dilraba Dilmurat
Dilraba Dilmurat’s appointment as the brand’s newest ambassador was “announced” via a hashtag on Weibo

Meanwhile, Dilraba Dilmurat taking over the role previously held by Angelababy wasn’t without speculation as well. Some wondered why Baby was replaced. However, Baby’s Studio confirmed that her contract with Dior has expired but that they remain to have a great relationship with the brand. They also said that there will be more opportunities in the future to collaborate with each other.

Nevertheless, it seems all’s well that ends well given Dior’s formal introduction of Dilireba on their various social media platforms. Dilireba who is the new brand ambassador in China joins a number of notable Asian stars representing the brand from BTS’s Jimin who was recently announced as Dior’s new global ambassador to Blackpink’s Jisoo and EXO’s Sehun.

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