Angelababy Appears Together with Her Virtual Avatar Angela 3.0

Angelababy and Angela 3.0

Are virtual avatars the next BIG thing?

Actress Angelababy recently introduced everyone to Angela 3.0 – her virtual version that’s already begun making waves in the fashion industry. I’m not quite sure how they did it, but not only has Angela 3.0 been spotted attending the Weibo live broadcast of an event for French luxury brand Dior for whom Angelababy is an ambassador, they’ve also managed to land the coveted cover of K!ND magazine.

Angela 3.0, Angelababy's Avatar
The mastermind behind the development of Angela 3.0 is the mysterious “Dr. Q”

Angela 3.0 even has her very own Weibo if you want to give her a follow, and according to her page, the concept behind the avatar comes from her being a robot from the future equipped with Angelababy’s gene sequence. Angelababy 3.0 has the ability to travel through time and space – hence her ability to be here now in 2021!

Now Baby isn’t the first celebrity testing out her very own virtual avatar. AESPA, the South Korean girl group which debuted last year, also embraced the virtual concept by having virtual “ae” versions of themselves. Likewise, ITZY also went virtual for the English version of their music video Not Shy.

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