Cai Xukun’s Reflection Spotted in Angelababy’s Photo Unwittingly Sparks a Lot of Misconception


Angelababy and husband Huang Xiaoming’s relationship is once again under scrutiny after a photograph of the actress chilling out with her close friend inadvertently attracted a lot of attention online. Sharp-eyed Netizens noticed the figure of a man on the rear-view mirror in the photo, and further efforts determined him to be her Keep Running 奔跑吧 co-star Cai Xukun.

Angelababy poses with her friend
Netizens identify Cai Xukun based from the little sliver shown in the photograph

Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming have been dogged by cheating and divorce rumours so it’s not such a big leap to see how the photo could’ve sparked a whole flurry of speculation for the actress. However, it soon came clear that it’s just a case of imaginations running wild as it turns out the actress was simply enjoying a mini break with some of her friends and co-stars.

A post shared by Lucas Wong, another one of Angelababy and Cai Xukun’s Keep Running co-stars, quickly cleared up any misconception when he said “elder sister Baby took us out for a fun day out …” whilst sharing a short clip of himself having a jolly good time water skiing. Later, Cai Xukun also popped into the comments section with a little wefie of him with Lucas and WinWin from the boat. He wrote, “here’s a nice photo of our team building exercise”.

Elder sister Baby took us out for a fun day out …” posts Lucas Wong

Alas, the commotion over Angelababy and Cai Xukun really was all for naught as it turns out the entire outing was simply all about a group of friends having fun and letting loose.

Keep Running cast mates Cai Xukun with Lucas Huang Xuxi and Dong Sicheng having a fun day out in the water.
Keep Running cast mates Cai Xukun with Lucas Wong (Huang Xuxi) and Winwin (Dong Sicheng) having a fun day out in the water.

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