Esther Yu’s Parents Required to Pay Up Due to Lawsuit

Esther Yu
Source: Esther Yu Shuxin Studio/ Weibo

It looks like Esther Yu Shuxin’s parents are in a spot of legal trouble as reports once again surfaced that they are the subject of a contract dispute lawsuit and are required by the courts to pay 311,489 RMB (approx 45k USD). Both Esther’s parents are shareholders of Xinyu Haoyu Industrial Co. Ltd, her dad Yu Pi Jie (虞丕杰) being the company’s biggest one and her mum Liu Jin Mei (刘金美) the legal representative.

This isn’t the first time Esther’s parents have made headlines. In 2020, Liu Jin Mei and the company were reportedly placed under a high spending cap after a case was filed against them for their failure to meet payment obligations. It has resulted to some in the public accusing them of being “laolai” 老赖, a term for someone shirking their debt.

As news about their lawsuit trended, it reignited discussion about whether celebrities should be affected by the actions of their parents. It can be remembered that back in 2020, Zhou Zhennan who was part of the time-limited boy group R1SE was also put on the spot over his parents debt controversy. Some defended that the reports about Esther’s parents as nothing but a contract dispute commonly seen in business and that it shouldn’t involve Esther anyway. However, there are also netizens dishing out criticism and finding it questionable that a successful actress’s parents still owes money.

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