Wang Leehom Launching a Comeback Concert Saying: “Even If There’s Just One Person…”

Leehom in concert
Wang Leehom Concert
Poster: 寬魚國際 / Facebook

Entertainment company Kwan’s International announced today that Wang Leehom will be holding the ONE Leehom Wang concert at a Las Vegas casino early next year. The event will take place during the Lunar New Year celebrations in January, making this the first time he will be singing publicly since announcing his temporary retirement from showbiz at the heels of his very ugly divorce from ex-wife Lee Jinglei.

Promo materials released for his comeback concert show the singer sporting longer locks with the caption “even if there’s just ONE person …” on the poster. Meanwhile the short clip subsequently released picks up where the caption left off … “even if there’s just ONE person, I want to sing for you still”.

Since stepping out of the public eye, Leehom appears to be working hard composing new songs and producing new music. However, next year’s concert seems to be something that has been cooking for a while now, long before the pandemic hit. However because events and public gatherings had to be pushed back due to the pandemic, the event had to be postponed to next year.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese news outlets report that Leehom’s comeback concert is scheduled on January 28, 2023, the first day of just in time for the Lunar New Year festivities.

Taking a Temporary Hiatus

Last year, the singer’s reputation was heavily damaged when matters between Leehom and his ex-wife took an ugly turn. With accusations flying back and forth between the two exes, and his ex-wife making explosive revelations here and there, Leehom finally announced his temporary withdrawal from the industry saying he wanted to “focus his attention on his parents and his kids”.

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