Why a Mattress Is Trending Amidst Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei’s Ongoing Feud

Why a Mattress Is Trending Amidst Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei's Ongoing Feud
Photos: Barbie Hsu, Wang Xiaofei and Hastens / Weibo

Barbie Hsu and ex-husband Wang Xiaofei announced their split in November 2021, but things have turned very ugly a year later. It appears Barbie suing Wang Xiaofei over claims that he owes her 5,000,000 in living expenses has triggered the latter into launching a barrage of accusations online against Barbie and her family. It has since turned into a he said, she said as those involved and their mothers have made statements. However, a mattress brand is gaining publicity amidst the feud.

In the online debacle that started two days ago, Wang Xiaofei seemed upset that he’s paying for the electricity bill even as Barbie has married South Korean star Koo Jun-yup aka DJ Koo. He claims he paid for expenses like the driver, the helper and the monthly mortgage for the house but said, “Someone else is living there, fine, can you at least change the mattress, you wimp? Still letting me pay the f**k* electricity bill…”

The mattress in question is said to be from Swedish brand Hästens and prices can go up to a few hundred thousand dollars for their high-end beds. According to Taiwanese media, a mattress was seen being delivered to Wang Xiaofei’s S Hotel last night raising speculation that Barbie has returned the bed. However, Wang Xiaofei who appears to have taken a milder tone today when he said that past is past and they should stop hurting each other also said that he’s burning the mattress.

Meanwhile, Hastens has just shared an old post on their social media account of a video clip about their incombustible bed. In their experiment, their bed didn’t burn when exposed to fire.

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