“The Shadow” with Vengo Gao as a Vampire, His Love Interest Ouyang Nana as a Blind Girl and WinWin in His First C-Drama

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Here’s something you don’t see often in C-ent. A vampire themed fantasy series starring Vengo Gao as a century old vampire and Ouyang Nana as the blind woman who saves him. The show is curiously entitled The Shadow 如月. Now I’m not very familiar with vampire lore but aren’t they usually portrayed as having no reflection nor a shadow supposedly because they don’t have a soul ? That said, this being a romance and all that, perhaps the vampire turns out to “have a soul” after all when he begins to care for the woman who foils a plot to kill him?

Unusual theme aside, I’m actually also pretty excited about the show’s costumes. With the story set during the Chinese Republican period, you know the styling and the costumes are bound to be good. I mean, check out the sumptuous burgundies and the rich tones of wine and oxblood on the show’s posters. Set against the blood moon on the background, it’s quite dramatic isn’t it?

Vengo Gao and Ouyang Nana Star in Vampire Themed Web Drama "The Shadow"
Vengo Gao and Ouyang Nana star in vampire themed webdrama The Shadow

Fantasy Republican

The series is adapted from a novel written by Monster Killer (also another fantasy Republican) author Ni Luo. In The Shadow, Vengo stars as newspaper tycoon Shen Zhi Heng who also happens to be infected with a blood disease. Handsome and elegant, he moves in the upper echelons of society. Meanwhile, Ouyang Nana plays Mi Lan, the daughter of a wealthy businessman who has been without sight since birth. On a fateful night, their paths cross, and Mi Lan who is blind, momentarily gains her sight and sees Shen Zhiheng survive an attempt to his life.

Winwin Makes His Acting Debut in “The Shadow”

Also appearing in the series is NCT/WayV’s Winwin Dong Sicheng who stars as second lead Situ Weilan. It appears Weilian is also somewhat of a supernatural character who lives as a surgeon. He is described as having a sunny disposition at least on the outside. As with several of his Kpop seniors before him who’ve ventured into acting, Winwin who is under South Korea’s SM Entertainment has a personal work studio in China dedicated to his acting career. The Shadow will serve as the Chinese Kpop idol’s first foray into C-ent.

Maggie Huang Mengying, Ren Shihao and Tang Jingmei are also part of the cast. Filming for The Shadow began in Hengdian in October 2021. The show completed its filming activities on January 26, 2022. A new poster dropped recently as The Shadow is among the 2023 lineup of dramas for Tencent’s Industry Event. Here’s hoping we have an air date soon.

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