Many Think Wang Xiaofei Has Just Gone Public with His New Girlfriend But His Mom Disagrees

Many Think Wang Xiaofei Has Just Gone Public with His New Girlfriend But His Mom Disagrees
Photos: Zhang Yingying, Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Lan on social media

Wang Xiaofei, 41, has not only been making headlines due to his messy divorce with ex-wife Barbie Hsu, 46, but also because he appears to have just gone public about his relationship with rumored girlfriend Zhang Yingying.

The 26-year-old actress recently took to social media to publicly express support for Wang Xiaofei and explain why she was in his livestream. She said he has been on the verge of collapse and she’s there for him. Zhang Yingying also revealed that they were sleeping when she woke up to a phone call from his family saying he’s on livestream. She wrote, “In a daze, I saw him lying there so I thought there was no live broadcast. ” Furthermore, there are alleged voice recordings of Wang Xiaofei that have leaked online as well as a WeChat screenshot of Wang Xiaofei allegedly saying, “Fell in love, so be it. I’ll bear the consequences…” Netizens have noticed that the two are now following each other on Chinese microblogging site Weibo.

Meanwhile, Wang Xiaofei’s businesswoman mom Zhang Lan is against the dating announcement. She said, “It’s impossible.” Referring to a bug, she said she can’t squish it but she doesn’t approve. She also decided to report the matter of alleged recordings to the police. Zhang Yingying appears unbothered as the same day, she posted a photo with Wang Xiaofei on Douyin along with the caption, “big friend and little friend.” Wang Xiaofei commented, “Thanks little friend”.

Before dawn today, Zhang Lan went on livestream outside the police station to say she’s just filed a case. She added that she’s learning to take up the weapon of law to protect oneself. The top comment was asking if she’s even told her son.

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