Kenny Ho Seemingly Reveals He’s Already a Dad in a Birthday Greeting for His “Baby”

Kenny Ho Seemingly Reveals He's Already a Dad in a Birthday Greeting for His "Baby"
Photo: kennyhokarking / Weibo

Kenny Ho who turns 63 next month may have retired from showbiz and gone on to become a successful businessman, but fans have still been keeping tabs on the former Justice Bao actor. Despite being in his sixties, the public has always thought Kenny Ho to be single since there was no news of marriage nor kids.

However, Netizens were surprised last year when Kenny Ho who often interacts with his followers on social media suddenly wrote, “Daughter’s older than you already” in response to a question asking him why he doesn’t start a family. Kenny didn’t elaborate at the time. Nonetheless, Kenny’s recent social media post is being seen as confirmation that he’s ready to introduce his family to the world.

On November 10, Kenny shared a drawing of a man holding up an umbrella for a little girl and and the words “Just be happy, no matter what there’s me. Baby, happy birthday”. A fan asked if it was his indirect way of responding to a personal question while many simply sent their birthday greetings for the little girl who’s presumed to be his daughter. Another commented that perhaps it’s his granddaughter.

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