Justice Bao Actor Kenny Ho Who’s Now a Businessman Slammed for Low-Balling Employees?

Justice Bao Actor Kenny Ho Who's Now a Businessman Slammed for Low-Balling Employees?
Photo: Kenny Ho / Weibo

Moving to Taiwan was perhaps the best move for then Hong Kong star Kenny Ho Kar King whose acting career took off. To this day, his iconic role as Zhan Zhao from the long-running TV series Justice Bao in the 1990’s is remembered by many. Kenny has moved on to new endeavors having retired from the entertainment industry to concentrate on his own business. Kenny is the owner of the health food company Jin Jia Zhuang 劲家庄 located in China. The 61-year-old former actor is rumoured to have an accumulated net worth of over USD 13 million. In recent weeks however, Kenny once again found himself in the public’s eye after Netizens slammed him for low-balling the salary he was offering new factory employees.

Kenny Ho Hiring Ad

After details of what’s believed to be a job ad from Kenny’s company looking for researchers and quality control managers started circulating online, some Netizens called him out for being cheap for only offering a mere RMB 3,500 to 5,500 a month (approx USD 550-850). However, locals who are familiar with the job market have spoken up to say that the salary range is pretty much the standard offer for new recruits; and that with the inclusions of free food and lodging, the hiring package was actually pretty good.

Whilst Kenny didn’t directly comment on the criticisms online, he did put up a post on social media which could be his response to critics. Captioning it “so many employees have to eat every day. Do you think it’s easy?”, the photo he shared to accompany his post shows him inside a cafeteria with tables full of employees having a meal.

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