Kenny Ho, 62, Queues Up for a Discounted Haircut for Seniors!

Kenny Ho

Hard to believe Hong Kong star Kenny Ho Kar King has joined the ranks of senior citizens. Looking at him, it’s impossible to tell he’s already over 60. The actor who is best known for portraying the iconic role of Zhan Zhao from the 90s TV series Justice Bao, cheekily posted a photo of himself queuing up to get a RMB 2 (approx 32 cents in USD) haircut specially priced for seniors.  

We have a lot of benefits for the elderly! Anyone over 60-years-old can get a haircut for RMB 2! Queuing ….” he captioned. After retiring from the showbiz industry many years ago, the 62-year-old Justice Bao actor has in recent years moved to the mainland to focus his efforts on growing his health food company Jin Jia Zhuang 劲家庄. Despite this, the former actor turned entrepreneur seems to have kept himself in pretty good shape. That’s probably the reason why Netizens have jokingly advised that he should show his ID just to prove his age. Can you imagine him getting carded just for a haircut?

Kenny Ho

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