Hawick Lau Dating Actress Who Plays Yang Mi’s Bestie in “She and Her Perfect Husband”

Hawick Lau Dating Actress Who Plays Yang Mi's Bestie in "She and Her Perfect Husband"

According to Hong Kong media 東網, Hawick Lau has confirmed that he’s dating actress-host Cherry Li Xiaofeng 李晓峰 when he said in a recent interview, “Thank you for everyone’s blessings, we are doing well. We have been together for a while, and we were introduced by a good friend. Our personalities are very compatible, we get along comfortably and happily! Our relationship is very good, thank you for everyone’s concern.”

​Last month, Hawick Lau was spotted holding hands with a short-haired woman that some speculated to be Una You Jingru, which was denied by the actress and her manager. On November 12, Hawick was once again spotted visiting a temple with his girlfriend and recently, Netizens have pointed out that she is actress Cherry Li Xiaofeng who plays Yang Mi’s good friend and sister-in-law in She and Her Perfect Husband. Incidentally, Hawick Lau is Yang Mi’s ex-husband as the two divorced in 2018. An alleged Li Xiaofeng staff reportedly denied the rumors but Li Xiaofeng herself seems to be to confirming the rumors when she raised the question “Contacted which staff?”

The cat’s definitely out of the bag now that the 48-year-old Hawick was the one who made their dating status public. In the past, Li Xiaofeng, 40, would repeatedly share cute stories about her neighbor who’s the domineering executive type. From her saying that he drove to pick her up while she was out for a run and it suddenly rained to her trying to figure out if he’s single, many are now guessing if the “neighbor” was Hawick Lau all along.

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