Yang Mi and Hawick Lau announce divorce through Jaywalk Studio

Yang Mi and Hawick Lau announce divorce through Jaywalk Studio
Yang Mi Hawick Lau confirm divorce
Yang Mi and Hawick Lau got married on January 8, 2014 in Bali. They welcomed the arrival of their baby girl in June of the same year. After five years of marriage and many speculations that the two have split, they made a joint announcement today through a statement issued by Jaywalk Studio.  

Yang Mi Hawick Lau divorce statement via Jaywalk Studio
To friends who care for Hawick Lau and Yang Mi: 

Thank you for your continued support and love towards Jaywalk Studio artists Hawick Lau and Yang Mi. After careful consideration from both parties, they have decided to relay this message through the studio: The two have filed for divorce this year, separating amicably to end their relationship as a married couple.

Their decision is a decision made out of mutual respect and after communicating with each other. Even though they are no longer living together as husband and wife, they will be jointly caring for their child as family and wishing each other well as friends. 

For using the media for their personal affairs and for the trouble they’ve caused, the two artists give their sincerest apologies. At the same time, to protect their child and each other’s families, they will no longer make any comment on the matter. Requesting the media and the public to respect their wishes and give them space.

Once again, thank you for everyone’s concern, help and love, the two will continue to work hard and live earnestly, thank you!

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