Esther Yu and Her TV Boyfriends Zhang Binbin and Dylan Wang Together in the Same Variety Show

Esther Yu's TV Boyfriends Zhang Binbin and Dylan Wang In a Friendly Competition for Her Affections
Photo: Esther Yu, Vin Zhang and Dylan Wang on Helllo, Saturday

How funny is it that Esther Yu Shuxin and two of her (past and current) leading men all find themselves together on the same variety show? Vin Zhang Binbin and Esther are currently hard at work promoting their new drama A Romance of the Little Forest which aired last September 15.  Popping in for this week’s episode of Hello, Saturday 你好, 星期六  the two who were among the guests for the episode joined in for some fun and games. Given that Esther’s Love Between Fairy and Devil co-star Dylan Wang is one of the hosts, it became super cute to see the friendly “competition” for her affections between the two leading men.

Although I cannot save the world, to be your protector, I am very much willing to be” says Vin tenderly whilst in character as Professor Zhuang Yu. Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Dylan as Dong Fang Qing Cang charges directly at Esther to domineeringly say “I order you to be the one for whom my heart beats”  to the squeals of the audience. Even as Esther made her choice, it was pretty funny to see the scenes playing up the fan service for both dramas. By the end, the two men even physically battle it out for possession of the ball for one of the games. But no hard feelings though as it’s all in good fun.

Esther Yu Shuxin and Dylan Wang
Photo: Hello Saturday / Weibo

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