Meng Meiqi Laments “Third Party” Label and Drops a New Voice Recording to Show That She Didn’t Know Her Ex Still Had a Girlfriend

Meng Meiqi Laments "Third Party" Label and Drops a New Voice Recording to Show That She Didn't Know
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Ten months have passed since Meng Meiqi (孟美岐) was caught in a scandal due to accusations from music producer Chen Lingtao’s (陈令韬) girlfriend that she intruded in their relationship. Back then, she reasons that she thought he was single, yet the former Rocket Girls and WSJN member’s career as a singer and actress took a hit nonetheless as many continue to view her as the third party.

Cheng Lingtao Says He Didn’t Lie to Meng Meiqi

What happened to Xu Kaicheng this week has turned attention to celebs who have been involved in cheating allegations, and it appears Chen Lingtao has more to say in his recent response about Meng Meiqi to a netizen, “(1) What you saw is just what you saw (2) I did not lie to her (3) The hurt I caused her, I will use my life’s hard work to make it up”.

As the hashtag “Chen Lingtao denies lying to Meng Meiqi” trended, Meng Meiqi studio immediately clapped back with a strongly-worded post basically calling him a scumbag and saying “was it a dog that said he’s broken off things cleanly with his ex girlfriend? Threatening suicide after being exposed for lying to both, is this you taking responsibility…” Chen Lingtao returned to social media to say that if it’s better for everyone, then everything is his fault. He even linked to a song entitled Zha 渣 which translates to scumbag.

Meng Meiqi Responds Again, This Time with a Voice Recording

That same night, Meng Meiqi studio released a voice recording of an alleged phone call between Meng Meiqi and Chen Lingtao. Her studio explains that the convo took place after Chen Lingtao admitted his mistake in a post that read like a suicide note, which he later took down.

In the recording, Chen Lingtao can be heard answering “yes” when Meng Meiqi asked “is it you never told me (about your girlfriend)”. He further explains the reason he didn’t tell her that he still had a girlfriend was because he didn’t know whether she had a boyfriend. Meng Meiqi talks about being the victim and says, “I never did anything like this from beginning to end, but now everyone thinks I’m the mother* third party, everyone thinks I’m the third party, that I’m the person intruding in your relationship.” Chen Lingtao reasons that they’re all unmarried to which Meng Meiqi responds why that even matters.

Meanwhile, Chen Lingtao also promised to work hard to help Meng Meiqi who says that she’s lost everything. At one point, she also brings up his post about ending everything, “You know what your death means? It means you admit to such a relationship with me.” He tries reassuring her and asks why she has to care so much about what others think but Meng Meiqi remains very frustrated.

Finally, her studio reiterates that Meng Meiqii is a victim too and that the man hid the fact that he and his girlfriend have not broken things off completely. Her studio also explains that the recording was provided to their lawyers last November 3 since it was supposed to be used for Meng Meiqi’s lawsuit to protect her reputation “but being slandered again by the scumbag forced us to make private affairs public”.

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