Joey Wong Spotted in Vancouver Temple

Joey Wong
Joey Wong

Remember actress Joey Wong who was practically a regular in popular Hong Kong classics such as A Chinese Ghost Story, God of Gamblers, Green Snake, etc? Today’s flashback is courtesy of the beauty icon who was recently spotted attending a temple activity in Vancouver. Whilst Joey has long been out of the limelight since announcing her retirement in 2004, every now and then, the beloved actress still gets photographed by fans around the world who continue to recognise her.

As an 80s slash 90s Hong Kong film icon, many fans remember Joey Wong as one of the “four flowers” of Hong Kong cinema together with well-known beauties such as Maggie Cheung, Rosamund Kwan and Cherie Chung. However, as soon as photos of her bare face began trending online, some Netizens who were surprised by the 55-year-old’s appearance even went so far as to say she was almost unrecognisable. Others commented that her face looked puffy and questioned whether she had plastic surgery.

More supportive Netizens on the other hand pointed out that Joey’s makeup free skin looks bright and flawless and that her face is still in good condition. Likewise, another one admitted that although the “goddess has grown older and that her appearance isn’t as good as before, her temperament is still fantastic”.

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