Different Versions of “A Chinese Ghost Story” and Another One Coming Up

Chinese Ghost Story Leslie Cheung Joey Wong
Every culture has their own classic horror story. The Americans have Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street. For the Chinese, it’s The Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂, but it’s really more of a romance. 

I first saw it in 1987 on a Betamax that my dad rented and it stars Leslie Cheung and Joey Wong as the lead cast.  It did so well that it had 2 sequels with the lead being eventually changing to Tony Leung instead of Leslie CheungIt is based on a story titled Nie Xiaoqian which is part of large collection of stories from the Qing Dynasty.
Chinese Ghost Story Barbie Hsu Daniel Chan
It was remade quite a few more times after that with Barbie Hsu and recently, Crystal Liu playing the iconic character. There’s no word yet who will play Nie Xiaoqian or any of the other characters but filming is expected to begin in August. 
Personally, I would have liked to see Zhang Ziyi or Gong Li in the role because their beauty, in life or afterlife, would be unmatched hence, giving credibility to the story. Unfortunately, they would be a bit old for it by now to play so maybe some fresh faces like Nazha or Dai Si would make a good Nie Xiaoqian. Who would you want to see play Nie Xiaoqian?
Chinese Ghost Story Crystal Liu
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