Gillian Chung Reveals the Results of Her Weight Loss

Gillian Chung Reveals the Results of Her Weight Loss
Photos: Gillian Chung / Weibo

Looks like Gillian Chung got the last laugh on her haters. Ever since gaining a lot of weight for what she explained was the result of a hormonal imbalance, the TWINS singer has been the target of some very undeserved fat-shaming and cruel comments online. But since joining the third season of Sisters Who Make Waves, the 41-year-old star has already seen those kilos drop very significantly.

Gillian Chung
Photo: Gillian Chung/Weibo

Gillian previously mentioned one of her motivations for joining the survival show was to lose weight. With the rigorous rehearsals all the jiejies put in to perfect their stages, Gillian is said to have already shed 9kg. In a recent check-in on social media, the singer gave everyone a peep at her current weight of 45.50 kg or 100.31 pounds. Guess all the training and exercise, not to mention her strong resolve not to indulge, paid off.

“When You have Nothing Nice to Say, Don’t Say It”

Gillian Chung in The Queen
Screencapture from The Queen

Last year, after her appearance in the Chinese show Twinkle Love fuelled a lot of rude comments from Netizens who said she was almost unrecognisable, Hong Kong media reported that the actress was previously cast in a project requiring her to pile on the pounds for a role allegedly similar to Kim Ah-joong’s in 200 Pounds Beauty.

Then, when the film The Queen aka Fengshen: Daji where she played the fox spirit Daji was released, Gillian once again caught a lot of flak for her much rounder face. So much so that her appearance even gained her the cruel nickname “the fattest Daji” from rude Netizens who compared her with previous actresses that’ve all played Daji such as Irene Wan, Fan Bingbing and Ruby Lin. Poor Gillian. While her weight gain is pretty obvious, that still doesn’t justify the cruel comments targeting her now does it?

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