Hormonal Imbalance Caused Gillian Chung to Gain Weight Says Good Friend Charlene Choi

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Gillian Chung on Twinkle Love
Gillian on the show Twinkle Love

Viewers of the show Twinkle Love 怦然心動20歲 got quite a surprise when a rounder faced Gillian Chung greeted them from their screens. It seems after shooting the promo posters for the show, Gillian put on some weight that Netizens who saw the trailer said that she was almost unrecognisable.

As one half of the Cantopop duo Twins, Gillian Chung has been living her life in front of the spotlight for close to two decades already. The actress made headlines last year after her marriage to Taiwanese husband Michael Lai ended in splitsville after only fourteen months of wedded bliss. Following her divorce, Gillian has in fact mentioned she won’t be getting married again. “It’s enough to be married once. But I don’t think marriage agrees with me” she said.

Gillian in Twinkle Love

But it wasn’t the end of her marriage that caused her to gain weight however. When media recently asked good friend and Twins partner Charlene Choi about Gillian’s weight gain, Charlene said this was all due to a hormonal imbalance. “I hope everyone will not put too much pressure on her. The most important thing is for her to be happy and healthy …” she said about her friend. Charlene should know as the pair have been good friends since their debut in the early noughties and have continued to support each other through their ups and downs over the years.

Despite her weight gain, Netizens have been very supportive of the actress, saying she looks happier now and that she is still beautiful. Likewise, as Charlene aptly put it, the most important thing right now is that Gillian is happy and healthy.

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