Gillian Chung Separated But Not Divorced, Signed Papers with Michael Lai to Keep Things Confidential

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Ever since news broke that Gillian Chung and her Taiwanese doctor husband Michael Lai have split, we’ve heard only one side so far since Michael Lai chose to write a long post about it on social media. He also reveals Gillian to be the reason their relationship ended when he quoted her saying, “I’m sorry, I thought I would fall in love with you slowly after marriage, but there is really no way.” 
Gillian’s side has confirmed that the two have indeed signed a separation agreement and that no further comment will be made. But between Michael Lai’s cheating allegations through his marriage with Gillian that were repeatedly denied as well as Gillian’s alleged frivolous spending habits, the rumourmongering about how their marriage fell apart has not stopped. 

Most recently, Hong Kong media reports that Gillian’s manager Mani Fok has shared some details from the separation agreement, one of which stipulates that both parties must keep their marital affairs confidential during their separation. Mani also clarified that Michael Lai and Gillian Chung only signed separation papers and did not file for an immediate divorce. The people around them had hoped that the two could take a few months to calm down for there to be a shot at saving the marriage. The plan was to reportedly wait a few months before announcing the news together but because rumors broke, they had no choice but to confirm the split. Gillian’s agency Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) has allegedly expressed dissatisfaction towards Michael Lai’s actions and even issued a gag order for him to keep quiet. 
I was really happy for Gillian Chung when she got engaged in 2018 then held not one but two weddings in the same year! This feels like something a lot of people saw coming but it’s still unfortunate the way things have turned out. 
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