Netizens Tell Irene Wan to Change to An “Age-Appropriate” Look

Netizens Tell Irene Wan to Change to An "Age-Appropriate" Look
Photos: Irene Wan / Weibo

Another one of those lucky ladies whose beauty appears ageless is actress Irene Wan. In recent years, the 55-year-old Hong Kong star who’s well-known for her role as Da Ji in the 2001 TVB classic Gods of Honour, has been gravitating towards a more “girlish” lewk. So much so that it’s almost been her signature. However, it doesn’t look like everyone is quite on board with her sweet and girlish style after all.

Like her Gods of Honour co-star Michelle Ye who’s also active on Douyin these days, Irene pops up little clips of her life on Douyin quite frequently. For her latest post, Irene wore a pale pink princess inspired dress and her long hair down. But just like on her previous uploads, Netizens seem to have continued giving her a bit of tough love, complaining that she’s overusing the beauty filter.

Irene Wan
Photos: Irene Wan tends to favour girly slash boho looks. / Douyin

Everyone’s a Critic

When are you going to change your style? I really want to see your noble and elegant side”. “Big sister, dress well. It’s okay to age gracefully”. “Change your outfit and give your fans something fresh! It makes you even more beautiful” were just some of the comments on Douyin weighing in on her style. It seems some feel like her style might be too young for her and no longer age appropriate, telling her to follow other actresses who embrace their age. Likewise, Netizens seem to be giving her grief about her long hair as well which they complained was always covering her pretty face. “You’ll be more beautiful if you change your hairstyle”. “Actually, the hair covers too much such as her shoulders, neck, forehead and face”. Another one inquired “which video shows her hair tied up?

On the other hand, there are also fans who appreciated her look, calling her a fairy and that she looks like a beautiful flower. As for the naysayers, fans told her to just “do your best, don’t worry about others” and to be happy by being herself.

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