Michelle Ye Then and Now

Michelle Ye Shows Off Her Playful Side

It’s hard to believe two decades have passed since the TVB classic Gods of Honour 封神榜 first aired. Chinese actress Michelle Ye who played Yeung Lin Fa in the series was only 21-years-old when they shot the xianxia. And now, twenty years later … she looks just as good!

The 42-year-old actress who also starred in Royal Swordsmen 天下第一 recently popped up a clip of herself trying out cute poses on Douyin.“Every time I look like I’m pretending to be childish, the truth is, I’m actually really childish. People who have been spoiled since childhood seem to be like this” she captioned. Maybe being carefree and silly is her secret to looking like she hardly aged at all?

A couple of weeks ago, her co-star Winnie Young’s Gods of Honour tribute on social media had us all feeling a wee bit nostalgic. With the throwback vibes both actresses have been serving, perhaps it’s time for another Gods of Honour revisit.

Michelle Ye in 2002 Lofty Waters Verdant Bow
Photos: Michelle Ye in the 2002 Lofty Waters Verdant Bow (left), her social media update on Weibo (right)

Michelle Ye got her start in the entertainment industry thanks to the folks over at TVB. After winning Miss Chinese International which the network organised back in 1999, she landed an exclusive contract with them after graduating university. Thus began her decades long career in showbiz. In 2006, after her contract with the network expired, Michelle continued to be active in the industry, trying on different hats and learning new skills. She’d been a producer, a screenwriter and even opened her own production company.

Michelle Ye
Michelle during her Royal Swordsmen days

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