Winnie Young Gets Nostalgic With Her Recent “Gods of Honour” Tribute

Wnnie Young
Winnie Young and Chin Ka-lok in Gods of Honour
Source: Winnie Young Instagram

Thanks to some fans sending her DMs after watching reruns of the show, today’s quick throwback is brought to you by former actress Winnie Young (楊婉儀) whose tribute to her Gods of Honour 封神榜 days will leave you feeling pretty nostalgic.

She writes on social media, “Thank you @yayanwong112 🌸for your thoughtful sharing of these nostalgic images with me🥰! And thanks to all of you who sent me DMs about seeing me in the reruns of 封神榜. And in case you’re wondering… 1) My wedding day to a 3-eyed-god and 2) I’m trying to tell him that he’s about to be a father as he goes off to fight a war (if I remember correctly🤣).”

Winnie plays Wong Ngan in the 2001 series produced by TVB. And if you’re wondering about just who the 3-eyed-god she mentions marrying, she’s of course referring to her TV husband Yeung Jin played by actor Chin Ka-lok. Those of you familiar with Chinese mythology will know that the character, known as Yang Jian in Mandarin, is oft identified with the god Erlang (二郎神), a nephew of the Jade Emperor who is usually portrayed as having a third eye which sees the truth right in the middle of his forehead.

Before getting into acting, Winnie actually won the Miss Hong Kong title in 1995. In 2003, she married her businessman husband Simon Wong (王瑞勳). The 51-year-old eventually faded out of the entertainment circuit to raise her two children Hannah and Jonah and to focus on business before moving to San Francisco with her family. That certainly makes this blast from the past all the more sweeter most especially for fans of the Hong Kong hit classic.

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