Cyndi Wang’s “Love You” Was Originally a K-Pop Song

Cyndi Wang’s “Love You” Has Roots Based on a Song from Korean Pop Group Papaya
Photo: Cyndi Wang / Weibo

Ever since joining Ride on Waves 3, Cyndi Wang’s career has been experiencing a second wind like no other. The Mandopop princess dominated the Chinese music charts, most especially her song Love You (Ai Ni) 愛你 which became a viral dance challenge attempted by celebs and Netizens alike.  However, did you know that Love You is actually a Mandarin cover of Listen to My Word by the now defunct South Korean girl group Papaya? It’s amazing how some Netizens were able to remember this little nugget of fact, especially since Papaya disbanded just a year after their debut!

While the idol group itself did not stand the test of time, it appears the song proved to more enduring. So much so that the uber popular idol group TWICE even performed the song’s re-released version entitled A-ing on some of their stages. After Papaya disbanded in 2001, “Listen to My Word (A-ing)” was actually re-released in 2016 by Oh My Girl, a pop group created by Papaya’s manager.

Meanwhile, Cyndi’s performance of the hit song was such a huge throwback for viewers that it also resulted in a renewed interest in many of her works. The popstar’s popularity even trickled over to her Smiling Pasta co-star Nicholas Teo whose songs such as Little Turtle and Tears from Polaris for the drama’s soundtrack also received an uptick in searches online.

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