“Heroes” Starring Joseph Zeng, Yang Chaoyue and Liu Yuning Is a New Wuxia Adaptation from a Novel by “The Four” Author

Zeng Shunxi in Heroes
Zeng Shunxi in Heroes

Fresh stills for Joseph Zeng Shunxi and Yang Chaoyue’s upcoming Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 are here! More than a year after they completed filming, we’re finally getting a closer look at the cast of the drama version of author Woon Swee Oan (温瑞安)’s novel of the same name. Filming work actually began in late autumn of 2020 and officially wrapped on March 2021.


If you’re familiar with Woon Swee Oan, then you’ll definitely know the series is a wuxia. The Hong Kong-based Malaysian Chinese author is well known for his work on the genre with his Si Da Ming Bu (The Four) having numerous adaptations in TV and film. Zeng Shunxi stars as Wang Xiaoshi, a kind-hearted young man who makes his way into the world. In his wanderings, he meets Wen Rou (Yang Chaoyue), Bai Choufei (Liu Yuning), Su Mengzhen (Baron Chen Chuhe) and Lei Chun (Meng Ziyi) all of whom turn out to become lifelong friends. Set against the turbulence of the period, Wang Xiaoshi transforms from a clueless youth into a hero for many.

Yang Chaoyue


You may remember Joseph Zeng in a similar wuxia classic Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber where he portrayed Zhang Wuji. Likewise, co-star Yang Chaoyue who first debuted as part of the girl group Rocket Girls is also no stranger to costume dramas having appeared in Dance of the Phoenix and The Promise of Chang’an as well as having upcoming works like Love in Seven Times to name a few. Singer Liu Yuning dubbed 2021’s Weibo livestreaming king has been racking up his acting projects along with Taiwanese actor Baron Chen Chuhe and The Untamed’s Meng Ziyi round up their little friend group. The series also features Sun Zujun, Zeng Yixuan and Shao Feng. Veteran Hong Kong actor Gallen Lo plays the big villain as Prime Minister Cai.

With this being a costume drama, it seems production also tried expressing each character’s personalities through their costumes. As the kind-hearted Wang Xiaoshi, Joseph Zeng’s greenish gray costume is quite earthy, hinting that his character is the nurturing one in the group giving everyone a warm sense of security and belonging. Liu Yuning’s white robes on the other hand suggests his character Bai Choufei is sophisticated and a little prideful. Baron’s Su Mengzhen wears red which is quite representative of his character’s strong will to fight. Red is oft associated with war, strength, determination and courage and seems to suit his character perfectly. Wen Rou, Yang Chaoyue’s character wears colourful robes with a touch of whimsy. Notice the bright red one with the whimsical bird appliqués? Her character is supposed to be childlike – bright and cute like the mischievous Xiao Yanzi in My Fair Princess.  

It premieres May 23, 2022 on Tencent Video.

Liu Yuning
Liu Yuning
Baron Chen Chuhe
Baron Chen Chuhe
Meng Ziyi
Meng Ziyi

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